A new project starts "Exhibit YOUR project in NEW YORK!"

A new project starts:
"Exhibit YOUR project in NEW YORK!"

Lamberti Design promotes the “Made in Italy” talents and design.

Lamberti Design was involved in the "Artfull Living" project by the contemporary art gallery “Waterfall Mansion & Gallery” located in New York City on the Upper East Side. The gallery asked Lamberti Design to produce a sculptural piece of furniture in metal and the company is now looking for the perfect project to take to New York City.

To get involved and learn more click on this link:

Space Drawing A Tale of an Eagle, 2021

Space Drawing A Tale of an Eagle, 2021

Polished stainless steel, polyurethane paint
173 W x 270 H x 92 D cm

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery presents A Tale of an Eagle by Sun K. Kwak, an autobiographical piece created during the pandemic in 2020-2021. A delicate and minute work that required constant dialogue with the Lamberti team and the artisans involved to produce a sculpture that communicated the artist’s message. Originated from Sun’s Eagle drawing that was created in response to her challenging time, the work tells a story of an eagle overcoming hardship and soaring higher for the second chapter of its life. Sun K. Kwak is a Korean interdisciplinary artist based in New York City who creates works that are thematically connected but take on different forms from performance to sculpture with various materials.
The sculpture is published on the monthly “Art Preview Guide” a gallery guide for the Country of South Korea. And “Seoul Art Guide” for the capital city Seoul.

Here is the link to the art guide:

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The Young Factory design contest for 2022 starts again, now at the fifth edition!

Partecipa alla 5° edizione del contest YOUNG FACTORY DESIGN dal 14 Febbraio al 30 giugno 2022

Il Design nell'azienda manufatturiera

Find here the link to the call:

The event promoted by Design Street  https://designstreet.it/concorsi-design/ where you can find all the Italian and international, design contests and design awards.

Find Lamberti design’s call and other companies’ call here:

Between words and deeds, the Technologies that shape Ideas

The Technologies that shape Ideas

Lamberti Design has built its own growth on the ability to transform ideas and projects into finished products exclusive and sophisticated design, shaping every type of metal, combining artisanal skills and performing technologies. Between these latest, those of laser cutting fiber and press folding are "signed" Ermaksan.

Lamberti Design's contribution to the reopening of the room after the lockdown

In March, Lamberti Design closed up due to the covid-19 emergency, just like many other businesses. However, the technicians and the management did not stop working! As matter of fact, they worked to design and produce columns to dispense sanitizing gel, necessary for the reopening of the premises after the lockdown.

There were many users interested in the dispensers: from Trapani to Treviso, from Polignano a Mare to Milan; insurance agencies, but also factories, hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, town halls...

The solutions studied were different: dispensers automatically operated with batteries and electric power, with the added power of UV light; pedal operated dispensers with an essential and elegant design; simple freestanding dispensers with integrated glove and basket holders; wall dispensers….

Lamberti Design uploaded an e-commerce page to respond to the many requests received from the private sector. Given the success of the new service offered, the other design products are now available for sales on Lamberti’s e-shop.

You can also read about this story in the June issue of COSTOZERO magazine (page 43).

Awarding ceremony for the 3rd edition of the YFD contest

On Friday the 17th of May 2019, at 5.30 pm, at the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni Battista in Cava de' Tirreni, there will be the awarding ceremony for the 3rd edition of the Young Factory Design contest.
Lamberti Design is a participating company and promoter of the contest organized by Confindustria Salerno’s Design tessile sistema casa Group.

The aim of the contest is to stimulate designers in searching innovative solutions, seeking new possibilities to link the materials of different production realities on the territory.
At the end of the award ceremony, there will be a Business to Design section to continue the talk and the interaction between designers and factories.

A new collaboration with ARTEMEST

Lamberti Design partners with ARTEMEST.
The European and the American Market can now buy Lamberti’s products online also on ARTEMEST’s website.

GO TO SITE: https://artemest.com/artisans/lamberti-design

Milano Design Week | Metal furniture | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design - Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

Milano Design Week 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Discover the newest fìnishes #pinkmetal #metallorosa introduced at the following events:

Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

11-14 April 2018
The exibition concept is the way materials shape itself around designer's ideas and companies
know-how. The Group" Design Tessile Sistema Casa" of Confindustria Salerno is promoting and organizing
this event. The concept is by the young designers Rosalba Castaldo and Carmen Di Giorgio. A sensorial
tour will walk you through the exhibition and you will discover new metallic patinas.

SMATERIALS will be held at:

1. Brera Design District- Officina 22- Foro Buonaparte 22 e Via delle erbe 2 - From April the 11th to the 14th
2. Spazio Campania - Piazza Fontana - From April the 8th to April the 14th
For more information: https://www.youngfactorydesign.com/design-week-2019

April 8th to the 14th
A true moment of connection between designers and visitors. promoting a collective and informal use
of the space. creating empathic relationships between creative people. the public and the products.
Fulvio Giannotti and Michele Palumbo curate the event: an ephemeral party that celebrates the design.
Lamberti Design. technical partner of the Design Feast. will embellish every area of the SIAMLAB with
new metallic finishes.
Distretto 5VIE - Siamlab - Via Santa Marta
Per maggiori informazioni: http://siam1838.it/orchestra-design-feast

luxury metal furniture handmade in Italy - Aegis Collection on Men's Passion - Artigianato design in metallo - Lamberti e la collezione Aegis di Ziad Alonaizy

Perfectly Framed

Eternal elegance is at the core of the design of AEGIS luxury metal furniture; to be a future icon and timeless…handmade in Italy, all materials and components are sourced in Italy before being crafted by a family of metal artisans that have been honing the skills for generations.

The AEGIS collection has an elegant simplicity that conceals a plethora of complexities, marrying four different elements: marble, steel structure, brass plates and metal wires. The collection includes nesting tables, consoles, mirrors with a common design thread: the golden steel wires carefully sawn by hand. The inspiration comes from the protection, shielding, and supporting idea of the wires “aegis”.

Enterprise Lab

Lamberti Design endorses the field-training program Enterprise Lab of young students in the province of Salerno.

Students of the High School "Trani-Moscati" of Salerno visited Lamberti Design, got trained on the CNC cutting machines and the following operations of staining and polishing phases.

The Enterprice Lab was financed by the Salerno Chamber of Commerce, promoted and organized by Jobiz Formazione.

Here there is the link to the video of field learning experience: