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Lamberti was established in the 1970’s at the gates of the Amalfi Coast in the town of Cava de’ Tirreni, and soon evolved from being simply a manufacturer of high quality door and window frames, staircases and balusters, into a workshop of excellence for the design and production of indoor and outdoor metal furnishings.

Hand-Crafted Manufacturing

Thanks to a well planned investment in technology and human resources, the workshop has become a manufacturer of fine, hand-crafted products and has progressively specialized in the working of all types of metal, from harder ones such as stainless steel, Corten and iron, to softer ones such as brass, copper and aluminum.

The company has continually enriched its know-how and has rapidly gained market trust and recognition on account of its attention to detail and the high quality of finishes it produces – primarily the polishing and satinizing of stainless steel – thanks to the acquisition of special machinery and the recruiting of highly qualified staff.

From the Idea to the Execution

The ability to execute designs and the high quality of the company’s attention to details and finishes have earned the trust of top brands in the driving sectors of Italian exports and of major contract manufacturers specializing in architecture and interior design for the hospitality Industry, shopping malls, retail venues, and outdoor furnishings for gardens, terraces and luxury homes.

These collaborations represent a great opportunity for the company to prove its engineering skills and its aim for excellence, as well as provide the spark for Lamberti’s own furniture design collection and a major Internationalization plan.


The last five years have been a time of intense research and engineering development. Second-generation management has continued the investment in technology and built its own machine, capable of executing V-Cut folding on stainless steel plates for third parties as well as for its own projects.

Other investments have upgraded the chemical lab, which works incessantly to study new metal finishes.

The technical department enhanced and strengthened its expertise to improve listening and problem-solving skills, the engineering of prototypes, and the effective execution of customer designs.

Lamberti Decor

The continuous flow of inspiration between the company and architecture firms provided the spark from which the Lamberti Decor project started in 2011: a collection of 100% Made in Italy furniture, pruduced using hand-crafted techniques, intended for the international market.

Lamberti’s own furniture collection represents exceptional proof of the company’s know-how and lays down new tracks for the company’s major internationalization plan.

International Events

The years after 2010 have been full of prestigious international events.

Lamberti has taken part in numerous international fairs, including some held in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles, London, and the world famous Italian event of Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.


Since 2012, the company has played a leading role in retail furniture installations in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Dubai, Qatar, Azerbaijan.

The success of this internationalization strategy – as confirmed by sales made in Europe, Russia, Australia and the United States – has driven the company to open a branch in the USA to collaborate with prestigious galleries, showrooms and architectural firms.

Fine examples of Lamberti’s Italian craftsmanship are exhibited in New York City (D&D building), Miami (Miami Design District) and Dubai (Al Quoz Area 3 Sheikh Zayed Road).

Innovation, Sustainability and Performance

Passion, knowledge of materials, and the study of shapes and finishes represent the distinctive features of the Lamberti brand. Today there are more than 20 professionals of various specializations working with Lamberti. The company has collaborations with renowned architects and is present in all major world markets.

A new Factory

The recent acquisition of a new 4,000 sqm facility has allowed the company to develop, on-site, a modern chemical laboratory specializing in the working of metal surfaces to create unique and innovative metal coatings and finishes and to host new production lines dedicated to water jet cutting and V-Cut folding.

A Look at the Future

The new factory is the headquarters where a new and greater effort is being made to promote collaborations with architects and designers for the creation of new furniture lines for international markets. It also provides an area dedicated to their prototyping.

Management is constantly working to improve production according to the principle of maximum integration between the technical department, the workshop, the logistics and sales support, with the utmost respect for the environment and labor standards.

Go Green!

The new facility was built in accordance with a sustainability business plan that provides the use of low-impact raw materials, the use of alternative energy sources (the facility will house a solar power plant over 400 square meters and a Phyto-decontamination plant), and the adoption of a rigorous method for managing and recovering waste production.


Each project, from small to large, is linked to an account from which the customer can learn all information related to delivery, logistics, cargo insurance and post-installation technical assistance.

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