CNC Laser Tube cut

CNC Laser Tube

The Laser Tube can cut all hollow metal profiles (steel, aluminum, brass, titanium) with sections greater than 15 mm in diameter or side, up to 210 mm. It is possible to process bars up to 5700mm in length with thicknesses of 1 mm up to 10 mm, and open profiles such as bars with L-section. The loading and unloading of the bar takes place automatically. The metal bars are cut using nitrogen or oxygen gases depending on the material and thickness.

It is possible to carry out the following operations:
» Slotting and notches on beams
» Slots for racks
» Pipe gouge cuts
» Bend cuts on angles or pipes
» V-Bend cuts with corner radius
» V-Bend cuts with large radius
» Picking locks
» Tubular splitting

Furthermore, both in a straight line and on a helical path it is possible to:
» Engrave with perforation
» Engrave with marking

The cut precision starts from 0.2 mm with 1 mm thick tubes.
The laser tube allows to streamline and to perfect the internal production processes. We also carry out work on behalf of third parties.

To request a quote please send a 2D or 3D drawing or contact our technical offices.