Continental Hotel Lobby


  • Arch. B. Di Fusco


  • Naples


  • » 2022

Survey, technical engineering, production and installation of various metal furnishings. A tailor made restyling work for the well-known Hotel Royal Continental located on the Naples seafront in Via Parthenope 38/44. A wide range of metallic finishes furnishes the new lobby. The restyling theme is “the elements of Mendeleev’s periodic table”. Various metals are used like: aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel and they show their natural finishes and/or their patinas from the natural oxidative processes. Sheets, tubulars and even woven metal fabrics are the metal forms used in this project.

The restyling is by the the Eoss Architettura studio in Naples and involves the entrance area, the bar and the refreshment areas. On the ceiling of the lobby hangs a tubular metal structure that houses LED lights, a thermo-stretched fabric, metal fabric nets of various colors and materials, numerically controlled carved signs. The concrete pillars are also partially covered in metal sheet painted in two contrasting colors, and are connected with the top ceiling mesh that extends up to the entrances. The reception counter, the centerpiece of the lobby, is decorated with large metal tiles of various nature and finishes; there is cloudy brass, blackened aluminum, bronzed iron, brushed aluminum, pink copper iron. Near the Bar area we find the backlit steel, brass and glass bottle rack for storing wine bottles for hotel guests; the grids of the water tap and the snack trays in steel and stainless still were made using the laser cutting technology.

The refreshment room of the bar area has several tables with an iron metal structure. Each table has an engraved metal logo that is in contrast with another metal such as brass. Various “Elements a matter of chemistry” billboards are located at the entrance to the venue. Partitions and separating doors with the laboratory complete the work for the Royal Continental Hotel.

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