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Brushed Aluminum

The Brushed Aluminum finish by Lamberti Design gives an airline aspect to the metal surface, creating a uniform satin finish due to the unidirectional brushing processes. Aluminum is a ductile metal, light, soft with a good resistance to oxidation. The latter is due to the formation of an invisible layer of aluminum oxide that protects the metal from further oxidation. Aluminum is about one third lighter than other steel alloys. It is mainly extracted from bauxite mineral, even if other production processes are available like the recycling one. In the furniture field, it is usually used as covering material like panels and sheets; but also, to manufacture tables, chairs and shelves. The Brushed Aluminum finish is the result of artisanal processes using abrasive papers and pads. Inspections and controls are carried out to guarantee and “standardize” the quality of the final products. A protective clear coat is applied at the end. This finish is for indoor applications. If applied outdoor the exposure to the atmospheric agents could cause chromatic variations. The environmental conditions, the geometry and the shape of the products, combined with the artisanal processes, make the final pieces unique; in fact, any chromatic variations on the final objects compared to photos and samples received, are intrinsic characteristics of the process and not

Care and cleaning instructions of metals
Liquids can stain any metal surfaces, therefore we recommend cleaning with a soft slightly damp cloth, and then following using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive materials, aggressive detergents, acetone, solvents and alcohol to clean metal surfaces.

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