A Reliable Partner Capable of Executing Customer Ideas

Finding the Best Solution

Lamberti has based its growth on the ability to process and execute ideas of its Italian and international customers, thanks to its ability to find and develop the best possible architectural and engineering solution while fully respecting the original design of the designer / customer.

Always there for you

Over the years, the company has developed a team of professionals who collaborate with draftsmen, architects and designers on a daily basis, thereby sharing all the planning and engineering stages: from drawing to mock-ups, from 3D models to renderings, to the prototype and the industrialization phases of the furniture collection.

The expertise and know-how of the technical department, as well as the special synergy with the metal workshop and the chemical lab, allow us to maximize the material’s potential, to anticipate critical points and to solve production-related issues both on a custom-made product or for a mass production.

The goal is to ensure the highest quality standards thanks to a special organizational formula that combines the flexibility of superior craftsmanship with the technology of a modern and efficient factory.

The added value offered by Lamberti is a team of draftsmen that collaborate with architects and designers starting from the design phase to the feasibility study, to providing quick simulations, prototypes and scale models, to the serial production of metal furnishings.

Prototype AEGIS 001 by architect Ziad Alonaizy. Green marble, blackened steel, polished brass, galvanized steel.

Lamberti Design strongly believes in R&D and considers it an essential part for business growth and development.

Lamberti invested in qualified personnel and new equipment to build a chemical laboratory, where new metal patinas are studied and tested.

The study of the operating procedures, the chemical solutions, the protective clear coats are crucial steps to obtain stable patinas on objects with different geometries and the shapes, in order to ensure high stability and resistance over time.


Each project, from small to large, is linked to an account from which the customer can learn all information related to delivery, logistics, cargo insurance and post-installation technical assistance.

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