Sapureat Pizzeria


  • Architetto Savio Marigliano


  • Frattamaggiore, Napoli


  • » 2023

The Sapureat pizzeria in Frattamaggiore Naples, known for its delicious pizzas, renovate and expand its premises and entrusts Lamberti Design with the ambitious project with a wow result! The overall job took place in two steps and it connects the old pizzeria location with another space on the upper floor to increase its seating capacity. The restyling project is by the Architect Savio Marigliano, and it is said that it exceeds customer expectations! The result amazes everybody, because of the interesting use and integration of various furnishing elements that give to the pizzeria an elegant, welcoming, sophisticated and unique feeling.

Flowering plants of various “species” sprout from the center of the tables, from the walls, from the ceiling; two stairways with illuminated treads connect the historic venue on the lower/street floor with the new space on the upper floor. A well-integrated architectural component becomes the aesthetic point of attraction of the room. It is entirely made of painted iron with stringers cut with numerical control and calendered to measure; the tread welcomes the same tile as the flooring and it is illuminated with LED lights. The metal finish of the furnishings is Polished Copper Golden Vintage. The frames of the tables, the separations of spaces with dividing panels in numerically controlled metal plate, the wine bottle holder, the windows separating the pizzeria from the service area, the counters, are all in this finish.

The seats are comfortable and elegant from Monbel. The new area on the upper floor has an outdoor Dehors area with a pergola and sliding glass doors, the ceiling is covered with blooming plants, light wooden chairs and tables with wooden tops. Various mirrors furnish the room, some simply placed on the wall, other decorative mirrors with a shape of an inverted arch, have a metal frame and use bronzed mirrors, smoked mirrors, and normal mirrors. A tour de force that sees a fast opening of the Pizzeria in almost record time and the synergy of specialized and highly professional workers.

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