Between words and deeds, the Technologies that shape Ideas

Lamberti Design has built its own growth on the ability to transform ideas and projects into finished products exclusive and sophisticated design, shaping every type of metal, combining artisanal skills and performing technologies

Lamberti Design’s contribution to the reopening of the room after the lockdown

In March, technicians and management of Lamberti Design did not stop in order to deal with the emergency of the covid-19 virus, producing columns for sanitizing gel dispensers, necessary for the reopening of rooms after the lockdown.

Awarding ceremony for the 3rd edition of the YFD contest

Cava de’ Tirreni, Monumental Complex of San Giovanni Battista
17th of May 2019

On Friday the 17th of May 2019, at 5.30 pm, at the Monumental Complex of San Giovanni Battista in Cava de 'Tirreni, there will be the awarding ceremony for the 3rd edition of the Young Factory Design contest.

A new collaboration with ARTEMEST

Lamberti Design partners with ARTEMEST. The European and the American Market can now buy Lamberti’s products online also on ARTEMEST’s website.

Milano Design Week | Metal furniture | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design - Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

Milano Design Week 2019

April 2019

Lamberti presents the newest fìnishes #pinkmetal #metallorosa and other innovative finishings

luxury metal furniture handmade in Italy - Aegis Collection on Men's Passion - Artigianato design in metallo - Lamberti e la collezione Aegis di Ziad Alonaizy

Perfectly Framed

Men's Passion Magazine
December 2018

Men's magazine Passion dedicates two pages to eternal elegance and is at the heart of AEGIS furniture design.

Enterprise Lab

December 2018

Students of the High School "Trani-Moscati" of Salerno visited Lamberti Design, got trained on the CNC cutting machines and the following operations of staining and polishing phases.

Marie Claire Maison - Console in marble, polished golden vintage steel and polished brass

Sinfonia D’Archi

Marie Claire Maison
November 2018

Aegis is a marble top, a structure in polished golden vintage steel, brass and plated gold steel wires.

Lamberti Design is partner of Young Factory Design Contest for Designers

The third edition of Young Factory Design!

deadline february 2019

Lamberti Design is endorsing the design contest promoted by several manufacturing companies from the Confindustria Salerno‘s “Design Tessile Sistema Casa” Group.

Lamberti Design luxury metal furnishings in metal and marble - Harper's Bazaar - Arredo artigianale in metallo e marmo - Lamberti Design collezione AEGIS

The AEGIS collection by Ziad Alonaizy is on the magazine Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Interiors Autumn 2018.

The full bio of the orthopedic surgeon that changes his carreer and becomes an Interior designer. With Lamberti he starts the Collection AEGIS made of metal and marble.