Hotel San Barbato


  • Lavello - Potenza


  • » 2019

The San Barbato Hotel and resort located in the town of Lavello in the province of Potenza is a 5-star Luxury hotel. Lamberti Design produced and installed several metal furnishing elements for both outdoor and indoor environments.

The huge CorTen signage at the entrance has protruding letters in stainless steel and brass. Two other similar signage are in the adjacent hotel parking lot. Five sliding and swing gates in stainless steel and glass, a stainless steel and glass fence surrounds the hotel area and the pool areas.
Embossed stainless steel letters customize the front entrance shelter. Polished stainless steel rings sustain the side cacti. The external tensile structures with nautical canvas and stainless steel strings enhances the entrances and areas immediately next to the side exits. The “floating” structure on the pool is in stainless steel and ipè wood, the top is made of nautical fabric, nautical ropes and polished stainless steel structure.

On the outer garden, a large CorTen steel bridge structure defines two areas.
On the terraces and balconies there are: balustrades shaped with CNC cuts; floating platforms with ipè wood, stainless steel flower boxes to demarcate the external suites spaces; tensile structure with sliding sheading sheets on stainless steel cables.
Mirrored stainless steel sheets cover the facility stairwell. The irregular cnc cuts allow a perfect juxtaposition. The covering starts from the ground floor in the hall and reaches the top floor where the panoramic terrace is located. In the hall there is a large walkable porthole with a diameter of 2.5 meters made of glass and steel. The main entrance doors are in laminated and printed glass and have an automatic opening. At the center of the connecting hallways on the top floors, there are circular shaped balustrades in satin stainless steel.

On the ground floor around the entire building, there are various stainless steel windows while on the terraces there are aluminum-sliding windows/doors.
In the dining area, there is a self-supporting staircase in stainless steel and glass, satin stainless steel furniture for the wardrobe in the reception hall.
In the SPA area, Lamberti Design installed all glass doors and signage.
In the pool bar area, Lamberti produced and installed stainless steel shutters and all stainless steel bar furnishings.

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