Dehors Pasticceria Aliberti


  • Studio189 Arch. P. Ferrentino


  • Avellino


  • » 2022

For the Aliberti pastry shop we produced and installed several components of outdoor furniture and the entrance doors and window shop.
Outside there is a Dehors structure with a structure in painted steel, a glass roof with wooden sunshades slats, sliding glass door. There is an internal bench with a metal structure and wooden slats for the seating area. External planters are made in pre-oxidized corten steel.

The entrance to the outdoor area takes place with sliding doors. The pastry room has 3 other openings framed and secured with stainless steel frames. The windows and doors are produced using stainless steel profiles acid-etched for a blackened finish. The handle is in antiqued metal with a bronzed finish.

  • outdoor furniture
  • arredo per esterni
  • serramenti in acciaio annerito
  • arredo per pasticcerie
  • fioriere in metallo
  • pastry shop furniture
  • custom outdoor furniture
  • metal planters
  • metal vases
  • corten planters
  • corten vases
  • metal bench
  • wood and metal bench
  • blackened steel door frame

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