Flover, Flower Shop


  • Fabio Mennella, Antitetico Agency


  • Naples


  • » 2022

An unconventional flower and plant shop. As we read on Flover’s profile: “Flowers tell secrets that no one knows and that could not be expressed in any other way than with the gesture of giving them, touching them, eating them, smelling their perfume or admiring their colours”. Around this simple natural element develops the concept of a plant and flower shop that uses natural and reflective materials that highlight the bright colors of the flowers and mirror their beauty. Here at Flover’s you can find every type of flower from the classic to the most sought-after flower, and it was done the same with the choice of the furnishing materials.

Together with the best wood craftsmen, Lamberti Design furnishes and customizes the shop starting from the polished stainless steel window-shop up to the equipped wall that reaches the ceiling. The background of the wall is made of mirror polished stainless steel sheets with luminous vertical cuts, tubular in transparent plexiglass that start from the ceiling and run down along the same wall spaced out by tubular polished steel. An equipped wall that gives space to a one-of-a-kind floral display scenography. Another distinctive furnishing element of the shop are the podiums and tables made of polished stainless steel with a corrugation of the metal sheet to accommodate the reflecting upper surface.

The customization of the cash desk, the steel points / hangers distributed on the walls furnish and personalize the shop. The stainless steel chosen is not just a stainless alloy metal that lends itself well to the purpose. In a shop where humidity is necessarily present for the good conservation of plants and flowers, its polished finish also makes it a mirror that at the same time gives luster, splendor and reflections to an already large and dynamic space.

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