Pezzapane Estate


  • Caserta


  • » 2021

Tenuta Pezzapane is an event location born from the synergy with land and its fruits and from the savor for worldly life. Lamberti Design made various furnishing elements on the specific request of the property, which has fearlessly chosen various acid-etched finishes.
In a welcoming, natural and sophisticated environment like the Pezzapane estate, the various metallic coatings have highlighted the materiality and naturalness of the metal.

BURNISHED BRASS. The wall of the fireplace entirely covered, from floor to ceiling, with burnished brass sheets is made with custom cuts and shapes. The bar counter also made in burnished brass.
PINK IRON. The fan coils, the skirting boards, the desk base and other interior details are in cupper pink iron.
SATIN BRASS. The bathroom mirror on a floral background is in polished brass. The base under the picture of the woman with an ermine is in satin brass with a CNC-cut black marquina marble top. The round table with carrara marble top is also in satin brass.

Finishing details that embellish and make typical joyful spaces unique.

  • ottone satinato
  • taglio cnc
  • waterjet
  • cnc cut
  • ferro rosa
  • ottone spazzolato
  • pink steel
  • brushed brass
  • laser cut
  • retail estate