Kocca PDV


  • Arch. F. Cassetta


  • Milan via Dante


  • » 2023

The renovation of the Kocca store in via Dante in Milan takes us back to a familiar site that is getting a makeover. The showcase window is masked with a customed film glued to the glass, in order to be able to work inside the job site in full privacy. The structure of the showcase window has been covered with a new champagne golden finish. On the sidewalls of the showcase, two extra-bright LED walls are hanged to allow excellent visibility of virtual communications even on the sunniest days.

The floors are all new, with tiles in marble chips and pink ceramic. The tiles in in marble chips clad the wall on the lower floor up to the metal hanging rack hanged into the wall. Above the hanging rack the walls are finished with a rough cement plaster colour. The front wall is clad in fluted wood, while the arches are in champagne gold-colored calendared metal.

The access staircase to the basement and to the upper floor is in metal, painted with thermosetting powders, the treads are covered in wood with metal anti-slip strips, the balustrade is in blue transparent extra-clear tempered laminated glass, the access door to the lower deposits is always in blue glass.
The dressing rooms, including the circular one, have heavy blue velvet curtains. The poufs and the shaped bench are made with a wooden structure and the padding is covered with ocher colored velvet. The cash counter is cladded with marble chips tiles. The key to this format is “comunication”, as a matter of this fact another large LED wall is placed behind the checkout counter and big a light box is positioned on the wall of the staircase.

Several display cases of various sizes in lacquered wood have a glass case made of blue glass glued with a UV lamp and are distributed on the two floors of the venue. The display platforms in backlit opal plex are arranged along the perimeter to better light up key clothing pieces. The lighting system is made of LED lights controlled by demotic systems. This was a turnkey job that involved the collaboration of expert and excellent suppliers.

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