Metal Spiral


  • Arch. Gianluca Galderisi


  • Solofra (AV)


  • » 2023

A spiral-shaped sculpture made of steel with a gold effect finish, touching the ground and the ceiling in two small point. It is finished with decorative brass rods in order to house a presidential office of great visual effect.

The helical structure made of carbon steel has a radius of almost four meters and an height of five meters. The boxed band that forms the spiral is about one meter and thirty centimeters wide and about 10 centimeters deep.
The spiral was preassembled and welded in the workshop, once the welding and its cleaning steps were completed, it was transported to the job site and finished there.
The decorative rods were installed at a later stage to better finish the spiral.

  • arredo in ottone
  • decorazione oro
  • metallo oro
  • scultura per ufficio
  • spiral
  • spiral sculpture
  • sculptural decor
  • presidential office
  • metal office
  • gold decoration
  • gold metal
  • office sculpture
  • brass decor

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