Space Drawing A Tale of an Eagle


  • Artist SUN K. KWAK


  • Waterfall Mansion Gallery NYC


  • Biennale Venice


  • » 2021

Space Drawing A Tale of an Eagle, 2021
Polished stainless steel, polyurethane paint
173 W x 270 H x 92 D cm

Waterfall Mansion & Gallery presents A Tale of an Eagle by Sun K. Kwak, an autobiographical piece created during the pandemic in 2020-2021. A delicate and minute work that required constant dialogue with the Lamberti team and the artisans involved to produce a sculpture that communicated the artist’s message. Originated from Sun’s Eagle drawing that was created in response to her challenging time, the work tells a story of an eagle overcoming hardship and soaring higher for the second chapter of its life. Sun K. Kwak is a Korean interdisciplinary artist based in New York City who creates works that are thematically connected but take on different forms from performance to sculpture with various materials.

  • scultura sun kwak
  • finitura lucida inox
  • verniciatura lucida
  • taglio laser

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