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Polished Brass

Lamberti Design developed a Polished Brass finish to give a mirror like aspect to brass. Brass is a copper-zinc alloy; it shows a good resistance to corrosion, and is able to form different types of oxides, which tend to darken over time. The Polished Brass finish is the result of artisanal processes using abrasive papers, abrasive pads, and polishing pastes. Inspections and controls are carried out to guarantee and “standardize” the quality of the final products. At the end, a protective clear coat is applied. This finish is for indoor applications. If applied outdoor the exposure to the atmospheric agents could cause chromatic variations. When placed in a highly humid environment (yachts, boats, baths…) we recommend using a polished brass finish, which is most resistant to corrosion. However, green oxide formation may occur over time, especially if the objects are not properly dried.

The environmental conditions, the geometry and the shape of the products, combined with the artisanal processes, make the final pieces unique; in fact, any chromatic variations on the final objects compared to photos and samples received, are intrinsic characteristics of the process and not manufacturing defects.

Care and cleaning instructions of metals
Liquids can stain any metal surfaces, therefore we recommend cleaning with a soft slightly damp cloth, and then following using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive materials, aggressive detergents, acetone, solvents and alcohol to clean metal surfaces.