Banister for a chalet


  • Megève, Francia


  • » 2023

In a charming Chalet in the Alps in Megève France, Lamberti Design installed a balustrade made with aisi 304 stainless steel frames with a boreal golden finish, including solid oak wood that complements the finish of the other wood already placed in the chalet.
The balustrade frames are made with tubulars cut with numerical control Laser tube technology and it has allowed an optimal welds with the various crossed elements to make the desired personalized balaustrade decoration.

Everything was then finished with the special boreal finish to give the artifacts a less intense satin finish. The connections between the various floors are via numerically controlled calendared plates and then finished in the patination laboratory.
At the opposite direction of the entrance there is a room divider made entirely of wood with a LED lighting system. A containment tank for pebbles and succulent plants suitably protected with large ropes held by hooks in blackened metal, give character to this atrium.

The hooks of the balustrades are hidden by the wooden stringers that shape the sides of the ramps.
After various design proposals, various samples provided, the customer approves the production plans and production starts and subsequent also the assembly.
The help of our trusted cabinetmaker supplier who carries out the entire project with meticulousness and passion was decisive was key for the success of the this well sawn project.

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