Brass Ice bucket and crachoir


  • France


  • » 2021

An unusual request comes from France for the production of several pieces of furnishing and furnishing accessories made of polished brass. There is an ice bucket in polished brass, a cigar spittoon in polished brass used for wine tasting in an exclusive and reserved tasting room. There were manufactured also other products like tables and low tables. The peculiarity of these objects is that they are non-standard and therefore they can hardly be reproduced with molds, in fact, it was necessary to “tailor-make” every single piece with the careful workmanship of brass master artisans. This metal is in fact much softer than stainless steel and requires brazing as a welding technique.
Let’s start with the description of the basket which first is numerically controlled cut and then calendered with numerically controlled machines and finally welded. The polishing processes require various steps, all carried out strictly by hand to follow the curves of the basket both internally and externally. The mechanically installed rings serve for easy extraction of the basket from its marble shell.
The spittoon, used to spit out the tasted wine, was made here with a perimeter frame that houses fine cigars, obviously covered by a glass. We invite you to see the construction detail where each perpendicular joint was slowly welded (to avoid deformation of the metal during welding).
The two tables also have a brass structure, including the lower surface and the edge, all continuously welded. The base, the stem, the top and the edge of the table have a polished brass finish. The numerically controlled cut marble top is set like a gem on a ring. A final piece produced was the connection of two low marble tables, with an part also in made of polished brass, with a cylindrical base and a cylindrical top shape.

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