Consolle AEGIS


  • Ziad Alonaizy


  • London


  • » 2018

From the design stage, simulation, renderings, to prototyping and serial production, Lamberti Design helps its clients, architects and designers, during all of these stages. For the designer Ziad Alonaizy Lamberti Design manufactured the console called AEGIS P. This console is of the most interesting examples of design prototypes that Lamberti has produced. It uses four different materials: a light colored marble with pink veins, a Vintage Gold polished frame, a polished brass plate bended and drilled, and golden galvanizes steel wires.
The brass plates collect the golden steel wires, which reproduce a soft, elegant mesh meticulously hand stitched by a patient craftsmen.
The designer’s logo located on the bottom side is cut with a numerical control machine along with the product code plate, which helps customize the unique handmade piece. Each AEGIS P console is produced in Cava de’ Tirreni, Italy, packed in wooden crates and shipped all over the world. Upon request, the designer can customize the console with different varieties of marble, various metal finishes offered by Lamberti.
The talented Ziad Alonaizy started his furniture collection with the nesting tables series AEGIS 001, and has then evolved the AEGIS collection with this piece. The tables and consoles are now embellishing hotel halls, English and Kuwaiti residential houses.

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