Tenuta Antica Restaurant and steak house


  • Arch. Michele Piccolo


  • » 2020

The D’Elias revamped  “Tenuta Antica” restaurant and steak house in Cava de’ Tirreni, a goal also achieved with Lamberti Design’s metallic finishes, making the place even more welcoming and elegant.

For this project the architect chose the combination of black iron and the gold tones of both brass and Vintage steel.  As matter of fact, the portal entrance is in black painted metal with the restaurant’s logo carved on a brass background.

The dining rooms host new tables all made to measurements. The table top is with calamine iron sheet set in a bronzed Vintage frame, the table foot is in gold vintage steel, it has a round shaped base with a square top. An elegant game of contrasts of materials and shapes.

The heart of the restaurant, that is the oven with the barbecue, has been covered with a black iron paneling, including retractable service doors in the same finish. The oven / barbecue is framed with a metal structure with wood, brass and glass paneling. The meat counter display is made with metal and glass, the top area has a shelving unit in painted iron to display the organic products offered by the restaurant.

The bar’s counter has cash desk in brass with a numerically controlled cut logo. To give the counter a three-dimensional look, brass strips were embedded on the brass sheet. The upper part has a wine rack and a rack for glasses in black metal.

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