Staircase in black etched steel


  • Arch. Biancamaria Santangelo


  • Naples


  • » NABI Design Studio


  • » 2022

A staircase made entirely of 8 mm thick iron sheet cut with numerical control machines and subsequently welded and sanded down. The edges of the stairs have been chamfered by hand. After being produced, the staircase was etched by our expert patinators and protected with resins.
The work starts from the careful study of the aesthetic project, from the assessment of the solidity of the building to safely house the anchoring systems of the staircase to the wall and to the attic.

The NABI design studio has conceived a balustrade with an anchor shaped on the tiny profile of the staircase. The idea is to highlight the handcrafted finish of the metal, the organic aspect of the metal, the simple design of the finished product and the slim silhouette of the staircase. The balustrade in extra-clear glass doesn’t interferes much with the overall staircase look. It is interspersed in the center by a landing that falls behind the tall central piece of furniture. The upper landing area is protected by balustrades built by adapting and taking up pieces of the apartment’s old decorative solutions, which well integrate with the whole context and thus preserve the style of the old house.

After a pre-assembly of templates on site, for the installation of anchoring systems, the staircase pre-assembled in the company HQ, finished to perfection was assembled with deviations of a tenth of a millimeter of error by a team of workers from Lamberti Design. Following the installation of the glass balustrades, the assembly team proceeded to restore some aesthetic details, which thus complete a work of “metal tailoring” of a staircase, which also becomes the focal point of a large room, maintaining sobriety and elegance.
The work for this Neapolitan residence does not end here, but extends to the upper floor to reach the roof terrace thanks to a simple and slender staircase also in blackened iron with matching balustrades; covered by a vaulted skylight with motorized opening.

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