Staircase for a private residence


  • Avellino


  • » 2021

We present to you a design and construction of an internal staircase to access the upper floor of a villa in the heart of Irpinia. The materials chosen by the customer for this project are wood, glass, stainless steel and painted steel. After a careful survey, Lamberti Design developed the executive design shared with the construction company for the installation of the anchoring beams and the glass holder pockets.

The production of the staircase is divided into three phases, that of production and installation of the main body of the staircase made of painted steel. Then follows the installation of the wood, ending with the careful and delicate installation of the crystals.

All the treads are in solid oak wood; the uniqueness of this project is the second step which on the ground floor is elongated to also serves as a bench. The very slender and sturdy iron structure is anchored to the first floor. The balustrade of the staircase is made of glass as well as the parapet on the upper floor where the glass is hidden in an extruded aluminum pocket fixed in the floor. The kneecaps for anchoring the glass are in satin stainless steel. There is no handrail explicitly to have a smaller visual encumbrance in the area in front of the staircase.

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  • internal staircase
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