Restaurant, Maroder


  • Arch. Savio Marigliano


  • Napoli


  • » 2022

A restyling of the interiors of the dining room with the Vintage shiny copper gold finish.
The front of the reception desk is made of wavy metal sheets, the back counter has a central CNC-cut sign, on the left and on the right there are two glass slabs framed with vintage metal.
The bar counter is decorated with cnc cut vintage metal sheets; the back counter is made with tubular profiles that have been curved and finished in polished copper vintage, it has glass shelves, and is light up with LED lights, the background is made with tinted mirror.
The portal and the wall furniture is made in vintage metal, glass and LED lights. This area clearly delineates the kitchen entrances with the rest of the room.
Finally, the atrium is characterized by the decorative ceiling elements made with expanded mesh, CNC-cut sheets and other metal sheets; the perimeter is light up for a scenic effect and a memorable impact.

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