Komposta – kitchen hood and compost machine


  • Rithema s.r.l.


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  • » 2020

Komposta is a kitchen hood with a sensitive soul. Its minimalist design packs a whole new hybrid functionality. The innovative technology contained within it makes it possible to exploit the heat of a kitchen hob, to assume the functions of a food dryer and composter. Conceived and produced by RITHEMA SRL, Lamberti Design is one of the manufacturers of the stainless steel metal components of this innovative “kitchen hood”. It is made of several elements in stainless steel of various thicknesses cut with numerical control machines both using Waterjet technology, Laser Cutting technology, and Laser Tube Cutting technology.

Komposta is made of a several stainless steel components: a central tube with perforated appendages to suck up the fumes from the hob, a removable central perforated basket, a mask for easy wall mounting, and other gear components. Specialized welders assembles the various components and subsequently tests them to verify their perfect gearing, tightness and functionality. Both the internal and external body are well finished, being the internal basket removable. With its various finishes Komposta gives elegance and harmony to each kitchen, thanks to the typical Made in Italy manufacturing, appreciated all over the world.

The external part of the hood can have various finishes, the classic mirror polished or satin finish, but once can also choose one of the black acid-etched finishes, or one from the vintage collection. The internal gears to house the mechanical rotation and electronic components work together with other turned metal pieces. After the assembly process is finished, the etching procedures take place. An electronic system allows the rotation of the basket, the extraction of the fumes from the hob to dry the food scraps, and when they are finally dry a front light ring lights up. Komposta is packed in a small wooden crate ready for easy installation in a house with a sustainable and innovative soul. Lambeti design produces and assembles only the metal components.

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