Introducing COSTELLAZIONI clothes hanger

COSTELLAZIONI: clothes hanger

Lamberti Design launches COSTELLAZIONI, a revisit of the classic rhomboid hanger with the accordion opening mechanism.

COSTELLAZIONI is the winner of the first contest "Young Factory Design" organized by the group “Design, Tessile, Sistema casa” of Confindustria Salerno. With this project Lamberti Design begins a new collaboration with the architects authors of the product. Constellazioni streamlines the original design, emphasizing the elements of support. It can assume many configurations, five of which are chosen by the designers. The Great Bear shape was the inspiration for the product name.

Constellazioni is available in stainless steel with brushed, polished or etched finishes, and in brass, polished,
satin or etched. A mirror can substitute one of the circular knobs to customize and enrich the entrance
of a room.

Antonietta and Paolo are extremely bound to nature, through the passion for the mountain, the sea…She is passionate about yoga, he is passionate about mountain sports. In their planning and designs they search for balance between the inner world of the individual and the outside world, between the need for nature, simplicity and a contemporary style.

Introducing FAVO Collection for the XXV Compasso d'Oro Award contest


Favo, nominated in 2018 for the Compasso d'Oro Award, is a furnishing system with a honeycomb mesh made by hand with brass or steel rods.
As cells of a large beehive, the geometric elements create different furnishing objects that can adapt to the space in which they are placed.
Its function changes if it is hinged and used free-standing or if it is fixed and suspended on the wall. Favo also chameleons its function with its accessories, it can be a room divider, a console, a hanger, a shelf holder, a bottle holder, a flower pot holder, a mirror… It can furnish a living room, an office hall, a reading corner, a bathroom wall...

A collection of accessories in etched metal, mirrors, mahogany panels and fabrics, not only can add new functions to the honeycombed mesh, but it also complete and embellish Favo.
Designed by the Architect Daniele Della Porta, industrial designer for renowned furniture companies, Favo is produced by Lamberti Design, an metalworking factory for the furniture industry, located just outside the Amalfi Coast in the town of Cava de' Tirreni.

This new furniture collection, is light, handcrafted and manufactured with the help of CNC technology. It shows Lamberti's production capabilities, Lamberti’s commitment to give voice to Italian designs (captivating and functional) through Italian craftsmanship and new collaborations with local artists.

Arch. Daniele Della Porta
Daniele is sensitive to the entrepreneurial development based on a central position of the designer and the craftsmanship manufacturing skills rooted in the territory. For Lamberti he thought about a modular and highly customizable product that can tell, through the precision of cuts and welds, the company mastery. Several times winner of design competitions, some of Daniele’s products have been selected by ADI and published on “Adi Index” as the best design of the year.