A house that dialogues with nature

Architects and designers of the neapolitan studio Officine C16 have created a 180 mq apartment that is a tribute to the city of Naples.

Casa vista mare? Ecco il segreto di questo appartamento che dialoga con la natura. Il grande Gio Ponti diceva: “La casa accompagna la nostra vita. È il vaso delle nostre ore belle e brutte. È il tempo per i nostri pensieri più nobili. Essa non deve essere di moda perché [sostanzialmente] non deve passare di moda”. Portavoce di questo inestimabile lascito è lo studio di architettura e design partenopeo Officine C16 che, sulla splendida collina di Posillipo ha dato vita a un prestigioso immobile di 180 mq con vista a strapiombo sul mare, studiato attraverso un sapiente uso di vetrate scorrevoli che creano un rapporto unico tra interno ed esterno.

E così, la continuità degli spazi si fa qui protagonista di un ambiente dal design contemporaneo, in cui i confini tra indoor e outdoor si annullano a vicenda, dando vita a una casa aperta, che lascia entrare il paesaggio al suo interno. Sole, mare e vegetazione… diventano qui i nuovi “complementi d’arredo” - se così si possono definire - che rendono vivi questa casa, ubicata sulla città per eccellenza “col sole in fronte…”.

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Between words and deeds, the Technologies that shape Ideas

The Technologies that shape Ideas

Lamberti Design has built its own growth on the ability to transform ideas and projects into finished products exclusive and sophisticated design, shaping every type of metal, combining artisanal skills and performing technologies. Between these latest, those of laser cutting fiber and press folding are "signed" Ermaksan.

Lamberti Design's contribution to the reopening of the room after the lockdown

In March, Lamberti Design closed up due to the covid-19 emergency, just like many other businesses. However, the technicians and the management did not stop working! As matter of fact, they worked to design and produce columns to dispense sanitizing gel, necessary for the reopening of the premises after the lockdown.

There were many users interested in the dispensers: from Trapani to Treviso, from Polignano a Mare to Milan; insurance agencies, but also factories, hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, town halls...

The solutions studied were different: dispensers automatically operated with batteries and electric power, with the added power of UV light; pedal operated dispensers with an essential and elegant design; simple freestanding dispensers with integrated glove and basket holders; wall dispensers….

Lamberti Design uploaded an e-commerce page to respond to the many requests received from the private sector. Given the success of the new service offered, the other design products are now available for sales on Lamberti’s e-shop.

You can also read about this story in the June issue of COSTOZERO magazine (page 43).

Milano Design Week | Metal furniture | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design - Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

Milano Design Week 2019

Milano Design Week 2019
Discover the newest fìnishes #pinkmetal #metallorosa introduced at the following events:

Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

11-14 April 2018
The exibition concept is the way materials shape itself around designer's ideas and companies
know-how. The Group" Design Tessile Sistema Casa" of Confindustria Salerno is promoting and organizing
this event. The concept is by the young designers Rosalba Castaldo and Carmen Di Giorgio. A sensorial
tour will walk you through the exhibition and you will discover new metallic patinas.

SMATERIALS will be held at:

1. Brera Design District- Officina 22- Foro Buonaparte 22 e Via delle erbe 2 - From April the 11th to the 14th
2. Spazio Campania - Piazza Fontana - From April the 8th to April the 14th
For more information: https://www.youngfactorydesign.com/design-week-2019

April 8th to the 14th
A true moment of connection between designers and visitors. promoting a collective and informal use
of the space. creating empathic relationships between creative people. the public and the products.
Fulvio Giannotti and Michele Palumbo curate the event: an ephemeral party that celebrates the design.
Lamberti Design. technical partner of the Design Feast. will embellish every area of the SIAMLAB with
new metallic finishes.
Distretto 5VIE - Siamlab - Via Santa Marta
Per maggiori informazioni: http://siam1838.it/orchestra-design-feast

Luxury metal furniture | Elle Decor introduces Lamberti Design made in Italy - Arredamento artigianale in acciaio ed ottone - Lamberti Design Italia

Presentation of the AEGIS collection by designer Ziad Alonaizy

AEGIS, is a collection of luxury furniture meticulously assembled by master craftsmen who have literally stitched the structural frame of tables and mirrors with metal wires.  The metal wire is the leitmotif of the AEGIS collection. The wires of the tables collected by shiny brass pincers give the idea of freedom from the cage. This was Ziad Alonaizy’ inspiration from which derives the name of the collection.

The London-based Kuwaiti designer, who chose four different elements for each piece of the AEGIS collection, says: “I wanted to draw unique pieces that are stamped with my acronym, that are handmade and limited in production. Behind every piece of furniture, there is the authentic dedication and devotion of master artisans. I want to create pieces that stand up with their unique design, pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation, because they have artistic significance, quality of materials and accuracy of workmanship.  All of these values will appreciate the furniture piece worth over time“.

This is what Ziad has expressed in the several interviews released to furniture and design magazines, which featured him and his work as the Elle Décor, Interior Design.
Lamberti Design began this inspiring collaboration with Ziad to produce the first prototypes after a meeting in Puglia organized by the Italian Trade Agency – ICE. Ziad was looking for a valid partner to produce his AEGIS nesting tables. The collaboration required several trips to Italy, to inspect quality standards, processing finishes and to choose the appropriate materials. Ziad personally chose the types of marble from Lamberti suppliers, and the metal finishes offered by Lamberti.

For the first nesting tables he used Guatemala green marble, blackened stainless steel, polished brass and golden metal wires. Ziad wanted Lamberti’s Golden VINTAGE steel, a lighter colored marble and light pink glass for the AEGIS console and the mirror.

The AEGIS collection is composed of: nesting tables, low table, console and mirror. New pieces will enrich the collection very soon. The materials are very sought after, and Ziad gives the possibility to customize its collections with different sizes and finishes.

Lamberti Design begins the distribution of the AEGIS collection in Italy and in the USA starting from November 2018.

Introducing COSTELLAZIONI clothes hanger

COSTELLAZIONI: clothes hanger

Lamberti Design launches COSTELLAZIONI, a revisit of the classic rhomboid hanger with the accordion opening mechanism.

COSTELLAZIONI is the winner of the first contest "Young Factory Design" organized by the group “Design, Tessile, Sistema casa” of Confindustria Salerno. With this project Lamberti Design begins a new collaboration with the architects authors of the product. Constellazioni streamlines the original design, emphasizing the elements of support. It can assume many configurations, five of which are chosen by the designers. The Great Bear shape was the inspiration for the product name.

Constellazioni is available in stainless steel with brushed, polished or etched finishes, and in brass, polished,
satin or etched. A mirror can substitute one of the circular knobs to customize and enrich the entrance
of a room.

Antonietta and Paolo are extremely bound to nature, through the passion for the mountain, the sea…She is passionate about yoga, he is passionate about mountain sports. In their planning and designs they search for balance between the inner world of the individual and the outside world, between the need for nature, simplicity and a contemporary style.

Adidesign Compasso d'oro - Sistema d'arredo realizzato da Lamberti Design

Introducing FAVO Collection for the XXV Compasso d'Oro Award contest

Furnishing system with honeycomb mesh in brass or steel rods - FAVO by Lamberti - Adidesign Compasso d'oro - Sistema d'arredo realizzato da Lamberti Design


Favo, nominated in 2018 for the Compasso d'Oro Award, is a furnishing system with a honeycomb mesh made by hand with brass or steel rods.
As cells of a large beehive, the geometric elements create different furnishing objects that can adapt to the space in which they are placed.
Its function changes if it is hinged and used free-standing or if it is fixed and suspended on the wall. Favo also chameleons its function with its accessories, it can be a room divider, a console, a hanger, a shelf holder, a bottle holder, a flower pot holder, a mirror… It can furnish a living room, an office hall, a reading corner, a bathroom wall...

A collection of accessories in etched metal, mirrors, mahogany panels and fabrics, not only can add new functions to the honeycombed mesh, but it also complete and embellish Favo.
Designed by the Architect Daniele Della Porta, industrial designer for renowned furniture companies, Favo is produced by Lamberti Design, an metalworking factory for the furniture industry, located just outside the Amalfi Coast in the town of Cava de' Tirreni.

This new furniture collection, is light, handcrafted and manufactured with the help of CNC technology. It shows Lamberti's production capabilities, Lamberti’s commitment to give voice to Italian designs (captivating and functional) through Italian craftsmanship and new collaborations with local artists.

Arch. Daniele Della Porta
Daniele is sensitive to the entrepreneurial development based on a central position of the designer and the craftsmanship manufacturing skills rooted in the territory. For Lamberti he thought about a modular and highly customizable product that can tell, through the precision of cuts and welds, the company mastery. Several times winner of design competitions, some of Daniele’s products have been selected by ADI and published on “Adi Index” as the best design of the year.