AEGIS, is a collection of luxury furniture meticulously assembled by master craftsmen who have literally stitched the structural frame of tables and mirrors with metal wires.  The metal wire is the leitmotif of the AEGIS collection. The wires of the tables collected by shiny brass pincers give the idea of freedom from the cage. This was Ziad Alonaizy’ inspiration from which derives the name of the collection.

The London-based Kuwaiti designer, who chose four different elements for each piece of the AEGIS collection, says: “I wanted to draw unique pieces that are stamped with my acronym, that are handmade and limited in production. Behind every piece of furniture, there is the authentic dedication and devotion of master artisans. I want to create pieces that stand up with their unique design, pieces that can be handed down from generation to generation, because they have artistic significance, quality of materials and accuracy of workmanship.  All of these values will appreciate the furniture piece worth over time“.

This is what Ziad has expressed in the several interviews released to furniture and design magazines, which featured him and his work as the Elle Décor, Interior Design.
Lamberti Design began this inspiring collaboration with Ziad to produce the first prototypes after a meeting in Puglia organized by the Italian Trade Agency – ICE. Ziad was looking for a valid partner to produce his AEGIS nesting tables. The collaboration required several trips to Italy, to inspect quality standards, processing finishes and to choose the appropriate materials. Ziad personally chose the types of marble from Lamberti suppliers, and the metal finishes offered by Lamberti.

For the first nesting tables he used Guatemala green marble, blackened stainless steel, polished brass and golden metal wires. Ziad wanted Lamberti’s Golden VINTAGE steel, a lighter colored marble and light pink glass for the AEGIS console and the mirror.

The AEGIS collection is composed of: nesting tables, low table, console and mirror. New pieces will enrich the collection very soon. The materials are very sought after, and Ziad gives the possibility to customize its collections with different sizes and finishes.

Lamberti Design begins the distribution of the AEGIS collection in Italy and in the USA starting from November 2018.