Milano Design Week 2019
Discover the newest fìnishes #pinkmetal #metallorosa introduced at the following events:

Milano Design Week | Arredamento in metallo | Made in Italy | Lamberti Design

11-14 April 2018
The exibition concept is the way materials shape itself around designer’s ideas and companies
know-how. The Group” Design Tessile Sistema Casa” of Confindustria Salerno is promoting and organizing
this event. The concept is by the young designers Rosalba Castaldo and Carmen Di Giorgio. A sensorial
tour will walk you through the exhibition and you will discover new metallic patinas.

SMATERIALS will be held at:

1. Brera Design District- Officina 22- Foro Buonaparte 22 e Via delle erbe 2 – From April the 11th to the 14th
2. Spazio Campania – Piazza Fontana – From April the 8th to April the 14th
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April 8th to the 14th
A true moment of connection between designers and visitors. promoting a collective and informal use
of the space. creating empathic relationships between creative people. the public and the products.
Fulvio Giannotti and Michele Palumbo curate the event: an ephemeral party that celebrates the design.
Lamberti Design. technical partner of the Design Feast. will embellish every area of the SIAMLAB with
new metallic finishes.
Distretto 5VIE – Siamlab – Via Santa Marta
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