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For the outdoor furniture sector, Lamberti designed and manufactured  two large pieces of furniture for the garden of a panoramic villa in Salerno. After the on-site inspection, the Lamberti’s technicians have designed a tensile structure and a gazebo/ box. The tensile structure was designed taking into account the wind exposure. The Gazebo/ box can be opened with a remote control. The style adopted to design the two outdoor furnishing elements is that of maximum integration and minimal visual impact on the surrounding environment.

The tensile structure:

The materials used are: nautical fabric and stainless steel mirror polished. The chosen fabric is the right compromise between aesthetics impact and good shielding / thermal protection from the Sun. The material is light, durable and fire retardant. The micro-ventilated structure of the fabric ensures excellent visibility to the outside, moreover the material stands well the bad weather and also the Ultra Violet Sun rays. The shading system has a triangular shape and is made of several pieces of fabric joined together to soften the cover ‘shape. The awning is held in tension with a stainless steel peripheral rope. The fastenings are punctual on three sides of the wall with numerically controlled plates made of polished stainless steel, also carabiners and tensors are in polished stainless steel.

The gazebo/box:

When not in use the Gazebo is fully closed. It is made with a steel structure, the longer side of the box can be opened with a remote control. It has a soft and secure opening system thanks to the two large hydraulic pistons. When the box is closed, the teak wood slats on the long opening side harmonize with the panoramic space and the surrounding natural environment. When the box is open, the raised side acts as a temporary shade / cover as well as a hinged opening.

Both the design and the production took place at the headquarters in Cava De’Tirreni. Lamberti transported and installed the two furnishing pieces using its vehicles and the help of its skilled workers.

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