Torino Building


  • Salerno

In the Lamberti Design portfolio dedicated to the steel staircases, steel railings and stainless steel balustrades for residential furnishing, one finds a job at the Torino residential complex in the province of Salerno. Lamberti has tailor-made the railings, the protective partitions for staircases, the doors, and other furnishing solutions. Lamberti used WaterJet cutting to customize and better tailor this job. The balconies of the building have about 500 linear meters of balustrades in stainless steel with a satin finish. The uprights of the balustrades were cut with the waterjet technology and were then anchored to the balcony profile with stainless steel plates and bolts. The handrail has a circular section. The current rods have been calendered, welded and installed on site. The stairwell is shielded with a metal mesh made of vertical plates and horizontal rods using a system for attaching to the concrete floors with a stainless steel plate cut by a computer controlled cutter and stainless steel fixing bolts. After the Lamberti Design technician’s inspection for the necessary technical surveys, the metal furniture elements were engineered, and produced at the Cava De’Tirreni headquarters. Everything was carefully packed and then transported to the shipyard with dedicated vehicles and installed by a team of skilled workers.

  • condominium railings
  • exterior banister
  • exterior railings
  • stainless steel railings

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