Hotel Regina Isabella


  • Arch. Beniamino Di Fusco


  • Ischia Island

In the hotel furniture, luxury furniture, restaurant furniture, and outdoor furniture lines, Lamberti introduces an outdoor work done for the Hotel Regina Isabella on the Island of Ischia. Lamberti Design worked on the terrace overlooking the sea. The terrace was renovated to allow their guests a better view of the sea during the summer as well as the winter. The tempered, laminated and extra-clear glass balusters on the terrace have been produced at the factory in Cava De’Tirreni and installed at the job site by Lambert’s crew. The banisters were fixed to the floor by means of a certified extruded metal pocket. For the few cold months of the year the terrace has been protected with folding windows made of extra-clear stratified glass and sliding doors. When they are stored they occupy very little space on the sides, while in a few minutes, they can be closed by easily sliding on two tracks. For access to the terrace from the outside we used frameless doors with tempered and laminated glass, and a hydraulic hinge system fixed to the floor and ceiling for an automatic door closing function and minimal visual encumbrance.  To guarantee the lowest maintenance and the maximum efficiency of the terrace, Lamberti used stainless steel of the class AISI 316 which is more resistant to the sea salt corrosion, and therefore suitable for marine or nautical environment. The main pillars of the terrace cover are made of tubular structural poles with a square section, in a satin finish previously treated for outdoor use. The posts are fixed to the floor by large plates. Properly tilted to allow a wider coverage of the terrace surface, the poles also create an asymmetrical sail effect. Each pole is connected to each other by means of tubular connectors with the same square section. The anchoring plates of nautical fabric covering the terrace have been cut with the waterjet machine. After inspecting the job site, each piece was engineered, produced and carefully packed at the factory in Cava De’Tirreni, before being transported with dedicated vehicles to the job site and then installed by Lamberti’s crew.

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