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Hotel San Barbato


  • Lavello - Potenza


  • » 2021

The San Barbato Hotel and resort located in the town of Lavello in the province of Potenza is a 5-star Luxury hotel.
Lamberti Design produced and installed several metal furnishing elements for both outdoor and indoor environments. The outdoor area has a big swimming pool for the clients, artificial body water with a flooding gazebo, water fountain, a pedestrian bridge and many flowerbeds.

The paths sounding these areas are bordered with balustrades in satin stainless steel and extra clear glass. The posts are made with tubular with circular shape, a fixing flange made with the waterjet cutting machine. There are five sliding and swing gates in stainless steel and glass, a stainless steel and glass fence surrounds the hotel area and the pool areas. The logo and other design details are made with the waterjet cutting machine.

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