Eden Park


  • Arch. M. Fuksas


  • Salerno

In the product line for custom stainless steel railings, stainless steel custom balusters, steel-glass railings, steel and glass balustrades for luxury residences, and custom railings for condominiums, Lamberti Design introduces the job done for the Eden Park Residential Complex, designed by architect Massimiliano Fuksas in Salerno. Lamberti has tailor-made the following railings and balustrades: 7 internal staircases for the residential complex, a total of 225 linear meters of laminated glass balusters framed with satin stainless steel have been produced and installed. On the balconies, Lamberti Design installed 2000 linear meters of laminated and tempered glass balusters with a satin stainless steel frame, along with a handrail in satin stainless steel. Panels with a stainless steel frame and opal glass divide the balcony of each apartment.  A grill collects rainwater at the base of the upright. On the private terraces on the ground floor, approximately 100 linear meters baluster made of tempered glass with an opal-etched finish were produced and installed; the uprights are in brushed stainless steel. Other furnishing elements installed by Lamberti include the transparent laminated glass with a satin stainless steel frame installed along the condominium courtyard.  In the garage area there are other metal elements produced and installed by Lamberti. After inspecting the job site, all the steel furnishing elements were engineered, produced and carefully packed, and then transported to job site and installed.

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