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  • » 2020

Lamberti Design offered a turnkey solution for the renovation of Carrieri clothing store.

After the survey, the Lamberti designers proposed individual furnishing solutions for two distinct display areas. The first on the ground floor is for a more casual, everyday women’s clothing, the second solution on the mezzanine floor is for ceremonial clothing. The access to the latter is possible via a staircase made of metal and crystal.

The metal color palette chosen by the customer goes from black to several of Lamberti’s golden finishes like brass and Vintage gold.

The furnishings on the ground floor are black with golden details. The hangers are made of tubular suspended from the ceiling just below them stand wooden display platforms. The cash counter is in wood with a black painted iron body and satin brass details.

In the parts where the ceiling is lower, the hanging solutions are placed on the ground. Under the mezzanine, the wall standing are painted black, while the one on the mezzanine floor are painted gold.

Satin stainless steel rotules hold the crystals of the black iron staircase, while a minimal extruded metal pocket holds the crystals on the balustrade on the mezzanine level.

Golden nets and other VINTAGE gold details embellish the black painted central display tables.

There are different solutions for the store lightings. There are recessed plasterboard spotlights, track spotlights, point lights and a huge central chandelier made of Vintage Gold metal nets, just as the nets used for the display tables.

The entrance portal and the showcase window shop are in black painted steel along with a CNC-cut backlights sign. The entrance has on both sides three meters of planters painted black, but with removable pots for a quick and easy maintenance of the greenery.

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