Fluid Ribbon and more movie decor on the set of “La grande famiglia 3” on RAI TV, RAI1; with Stefania Sandrelli, Gianni Cavina, Alessandro Gassman.

The design of this handmade aluminum chair was conceived from biomechanical engineering studies and inspired by the shape and natural movement of the body.

Ergonomic curves provide support to the lumbar region of the back without exerting any pressure on the perineum, coccyx or spine and allow the pelvis to free itself from fixed and mandatory positions.

The central cut of two independent aluminum ribbons gives a special flexibility to the chair, which provides a massage by urging the body to small continuous movements to improve the circulation of the synovial fluid keeping the joints healthy.

It is a captivating design object which, thanks to a central cut and ergonomic curves supporting the lumbar region, offers a dynamic, tilting and flexible sitting.

For a quick and precise production, Lamberti builds a machine to produce the Fluid Ribbon starting from a single aluminum plate.

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