The Salerno Do Design SDD, this year named “Privavera del Design” is at its (third) annual appointment, it is organized and promoted by the active “Design Tessile e Sistema Casa” DTSC group of Confindustria Salerno. It aims to open an active dialogue between operators from different areas. Designers, producers but also citizens approach the complex system of the industrial design of any objects affecting the community of today and tomorrow.

This year some retailers of downtown Salerno embrace the cause of the SDD. They will display in their window-shops the design pieces of the DTSC group companies giving visibility to the Salerno do design.

Lamberti design will exhibiting a Fluid Ribbon chair by Michael D’Amato, the Onda O coffee table by Pretazzoli, the AEGIS coffee table by Ziad Alonaizy together with the little trees of metal finishes. These will be on display at the Donna store – where Lamberti Design has made several pieces of furnishing in polished steel – and at the Diocesan Museum.

Here the macro activities:
– March 15 at 18.00: Event presentation and meeting with the author – Feltrinelli
– March 24th at 18.00: Young Factory Design Award – Tile and Design
– 30 March at 15.00 Conferences_1. Wellness 2. Megastructures – Diocesan Museum of Salerno
– 31 March 3 at 10.00 Conferences_1. Suburbs 2. Game – Diocesan Museum of Salerno

For more info, see the Salerno Do Design website and social channels: