A. Memoli & P. Casaburi

Antonietta Memoli and Paolo Casaburi are Italian Young Architects but first of all they are friends. They have been working together for many years  in the architectural and design field.

They are both connected  to nature by the love they share for mountain and sea. She is passionate about yoga,  and he is passionate about mountain sports. Their design is the result of a search for balance between the inner world of an individual and his/hers outside world; between the need for nature, simplicity and the contemporary world.

They are attentive to the entire production process, from conception, prototyping to production, whether it is industrial or artisanal. They care about the choice of materials, the production needs and pay attention to details.  Antonietta and Paolo together with Arch. Maria Luna Nobile designed for Lamberti “Costellazioni” a modular, modifiable, versatile coat rack.

Constellations won the first edition of the 2016 contest “Young Factory Design”. The Contest is organized by the group Design Tessile Sistema Casa of Confindustria Salerno.

With Lamberti