Star triangular low table

Inspired by stars
The design of this small and elegant low table is based on the rendition of a three-dimensional star represented by eight rays exploding from a single original nucleus and supporting a triangular-shaped glass.

When working with Lamberti, the italian architect Antonio Pio Saracino pours his decomposed art on aluminum and re-thinks objects of common use with the evolutionary logic of structures belonging to astrophysics.

In his creative work, Saracino synthesizes the relationship between architecture, public art and industrial design. Through the parametric approach applied to organic essentialism, Saracino creates visually unstable objects which at the same time maintain internal solidity. Saracino’s works draw life from the use of new technologies, sustainability principles and creative thinking.

Materials: » Aluminum and clear Glass
Finishes: » Painted with RAL color
» Satin Aluminum
Location Type: » Indoor or Outdoor use
Measurements: » (95 x h 36) cm


Technical Sheet