Trongone Sport


  • Salerno

Another location of Trongone Sport store opened in 2016 in the new shopping mall “Le Cotoniere” in Salerno. The client asked Lamberti Design for a furniture turnkey service. A rolling security grille protects the store entrance. The shoes have been given special attention in Trongone Sport store with three different shoe display systems. The first shoe display in the shop window has a structure of multiple hexagons made of painted metal, opaline Plexiglas and internal LED lighting. The second shoe display has a platform with a wooden base and metal shelves at various heights for an irregular and playful display of the goods. A third shoe display is made of wooden painted boxes of various sizes, randomly arranged together. The area devoted to trying on shoes is designed with comfort & style as a first priority. This area has an upholstered bench with faux leather, a gym bench in metal and painted wooden slats and boxes with tilted mirrors for a better visibility. The wall furniture structure is made of CNC cut tubular metal to accommodate wooden shelves, hanger bars, and other gadgets to display clothing, bags, hats, and soccer balls. The entire wall structure is backlit with LED Blue lights. Gondolas and other freestanding furniture made with metal stretch mesh and CNC cut tubular structure fill in the store. The changing rooms have doors that open 180-degrees, metal hooks; metal hanger bars, upholstered poufs with faux leather, and mirrors. The entire project, just like all the other examples of clothing stores, shoe stores, and sport stores, was made in its entirety in Italy at the Lamberti Design factory in Cava De’Tirreni, and then carefully packed and transported to the job site in Salerno. The Lamberti Design staff then assembled everything in only few days.

  • metal furniture
  • furniture for shop
  • display cabinet
  • metal and wood furniture
  • backlit furniture
  • furniture for clothing store
  • furniture for sport store
  • metal gondola
  • balloon collection
  • shoe display
  • heat display
  • wall hanger
  • hanging hanger
  • freestanding hanger
  • shop sign
  • luminous sign

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