• Ragusa - Sicily


  • » 2018

The furnishing for the Candida Store brand is a good example of work for Store Contract Furniture produced by Lamberti Design. For this brand, the Lamberti Design team engineered, produced and installed the entire store. The following is the description of the Candida Store point in Ragusa, Sicily, at “Le Masserie” shopping mall.
The offered furnishing solutions are made of metal, wood, Plexiglas, glass and LED lightings. Along the store, there are freestanding and wall-mounted furniture. The type of steel used for the wall-mounted furniture consist of coated metal with epoxy powder and satin stainless steel. White lacquered wood and LED lightings complete the wall-mounted furniture. The display tables are made of white lacquered wood, satin stainless steel, painted iron and tempered glass. The freestanding furniture have various shapes and heights to be adapted to different compositions.
The ballasted base in fire-painted metal with epoxy powder has a brushed stainless-steel scratchproof system for hangers, and a pre-arranged pocket for price display. The accessories, always in metal and shaped Plexiglas, can be hooked on the free standing and wall mounted furniture, or placed freestanding on the display tables. The mirrors located along the shop at various points have a metal frame, while the mirrors placed on the structural pillars are backlighted with LED lights.
The dressing rooms with curtains have mirrors and modular hanging systems on the same style of the store furniture.
The Lamberti Design drawing team engineered the furniture and produced the shop drawings before starting the production of the first furniture prototype and the serial production.
Lamberti Design manufactures all goods at the Cava de’ Tirreni headquarters, where they are carefully packed and transported to the job site. In a few days, Lamberti Design specialized team installs the furniture.