Various furnishings for a private residence


  • Officine C16


  • Napoli, Posillipo


  • » Photographer: Carlo Oriente


  • » 2023

The Neapolitan studio Officine C16A renovated and furnished in a contemporary style a house with a spectacular view overlooking the bay of Naples.
Our team has worked on various metal furnishings that discretely furnish this apartment with a view overlooking the sea.
These components are bedside tables, high stools, low tables, handles and a large equipped wall that incorporates and covers a central pillar. Plinth and chiaroscuro that reproduce a simple wall unit with reduced thicknesses and cleaned welds for a maximum visual cleanliness of the piece of furniture.
Following the survey, the furniture was engineered by our team and approved by the architectural firm before putting it into production.
Given the size of the piece of furniture and its weight, the furniture was transported to the floor using a special lifting device and then delicately installed on site.
Made-to-measure furniture and other furnishing details have been studied and produced to customize every corner of the house.

  • arredo per residenza privata
  • comodini
  • tavolini bassi
  • sgabelli comodi
  • furnishings for private residences
  • bookcases
  • equipped walls
  • handles
  • bedside tables
  • coffee tables
  • comfortable stools