FAVO, designed by Architect Daniele Della Porta was published in ADI Design Index 2017.

Needless to say, Lamberti is proud of the recognition in this esteemed publication.

A honeycomb-shaped furnishing component made of brass or steel rods. FAVO is suitable for various modular compositions. It can be used individually on a wall, or hinged for freestanding use.

Like cells of a large beehive, geometric elements are arranged to create different unique, elegant furnishing items to suit the functions and space where they are placed. It can be used as a console, coat rack, shelf, book holder; for a living room, study hall, bathroom wall.

FAVO is complemented and embellished by a collection of wooden, fabric and metal accessories.

ADI Design Index 2017 is the annual publication of ADI Association for the Industrial Design which collects the best Italian design put into production. The best products published in yearly ADI Design Index are selected every two years for the Compasso D’oro Award.

Visit the official ADI Index 2017 website.