Freestanding FAVO

The nectar of design

A honeycomb-shaped furnishing component made of brass or steel rods. FAVO is suitable for various modular compositions. It can be used individually on a wall, or hinged for freestanding use.

Like cells of a large beehive, geometric elements are arranged to create different unique, elegant furnishing items to suit the functions and space where they are placed. It can be used as a console, coat rack, shelf, book holder; for a living room, study hall, bathroom wall.

FAVO is complemented and embellished by a collection of wooden, fabric and metal accessories.

Materials: » Satin brass
» Black acid-etched steel
Location Type: » For interior applications only
Measurements: » Central Module 5 (105 x h 205) cm
» Side Modules 3 (70 x h 205) cm
Accessories: » Slip-in donut-shaped hollow wood compartments
» Insert panels made of two-sided fabric-covered panels
» Decorative metal panels
» Metal mirrors
» Coat hanger rods
Materials for accessories: » Mahogany,
» Super mirror stainless steel
» Acid-etched steel
» COM fabrics or a selection from our fabric collection


Technical Sheet