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Blackened Stainless

The Blackened Stainless finish by Lamberti Design has been developed to give a more “natural” coloration to stainless steel instead of the usual painting options. Its chromatic variations gives more character to a traditionally light silver color metal. Blackened stainless products can be made with Stainless Steel AISI 304 usually used for indoor applications, or with Stainless Steel AISI 316 used for outdoors near the sea, swimming pools and/or on boats. Stainless steel is difficult  to oxidize, but Lamberti Design’s R&D laboratory found the adequate procedure to apply the chemicals in order to burnish AISI 316.

Mechanical and chemical cleaning are the preliminary steps that significantly influence the final surface quality. In addition, the preparation itself can speed up and “standardize” the quality of the final products. Blackening process developed by Lamberti Design involves a chemical surface reaction, able to produce a black nuanced finish with slight color variations that can range from green to blue up to gray and red. Blackened Stainless finish is then protected with a clear coat.

The environmental conditions, the geometry and the shape of the products, combined with the artisanal processes, make the final pieces unique; in fact, any chromatic variations on the final object compared to photos and samples received, are intrinsic characteristics of the process and not manufacturing defects.

Care and cleaning instructions of metals
Liquids can stain any metal surfaces, therefore we recommend cleaning with a soft slightly damp cloth, and then following using a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive materials, aggressive detergents, acetone, solvents and alcohol.