Water Jet

High precision in the service of the most advanced design.

CNC (Computer numerical control) Water-jet technology is traditionally linked to hi-tech industry (mainly mechanical, robotics and aerospace) and uses a very high-pressure jet of water to cut stainless steel and other metals (titanium, brass, copper, and aluminum) and materials (glass, wood, marble and ceramics) with the highest precision and without chemical alterations and/or abrasions.

Waterjet machines are normally used to cut materials up to about 150 mm thick with a huge advantage over laser cutting technology in terms of time, limitations (for example, laser cannot cut copper, brass or titanium) and with an absolutely unmatched cost-benefit ratio.

Furthermore, thanks to the high speed of processing and cutting precision, Water-jet machines significantly reduce costs while ensuring high quality results.

Our company offers Waterjet cutting services for third parties.

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