Riparo – designer Giancarlo Pretazzoli

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Form, substance, essence

A luxury metal furniture, a screen made up of four rectangular shiny or satin steel frames, Riparo is linked together by hand-made, low-impact stainless steel hinges and a satin finish floor plate, creating the perfect balance between volumetric essentiality and functional versatility. Fascinated by the potential of steel and the Lamberti’s ability to mold metals to his own creativity, the Rome-based fusion style architect and interior designer, Giancarlo Pretazzoli created  the production lines “Rigo” and “Onda”. Inspired by the Italian style of the late 1940’s, both lines are elegant, transitional, and sculptural furniture collections infused with sensual curves.

Measurements: W24 x D6 x H200 mm – 4 panels


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Materiale e Finitura

Polished stainless steel, Satin stainless steel