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  • Cava de' Tirreni - Salerno


  • » 2018

The past fall Lamberti Design Headquarters moved to a new location. Lamberti used Corten Steel to furnish many outdoor spaces. The building staircase façade covered in Corten steel, has naturally been weathering outside. With time, the natural oxidation process changes the color of the Corten surface from a light orange to a darker “Testa di Moro” brown. The sun exposure, the humidity concentration, the wind exposure and the rain all influence the Corten oxidation process. An under structure in metal easily allows the Corten panels to be securely and quickly fasten to the concrete wall. Lamberti choose Corten steel for the facade but also for the flowerpots, railings and gates in order to integrate the building in an industrial area with landscape constraints. The glass used for the façade on the west and south exposure is half mirroring; it filters UV lightings and thermally insulates the staircase area.