Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar


  • Giappo Sushi and Delicious


  • Cava De' Tirreni


  • » 2018

For restaurant furniture, furniture for ho.re.ca., Lamberti Design introduces a new project of window case, display/entrance door, restaurant tables, furniture custom-made with special metal patinas. Vincenzo Falcone opens “Giappo Sushi and Delicious” in via Balzico 11 in Cava De’Tirreni. For the interiors of his sushi restaurant, sushi bar, the customer chose, two door-windows that show the interiors of the dining area and that of the bar at the entrance. The large windows have structural profiles with a minimum section; in this case, the minimum impact gets the maximum result of visibility. The metal profile finishes are in matte and polished gold Vintage. The Vintage Gold finish proposed by Lamberti Design has bronze shades, which makes the metallic patina more organic. Inside the dining room, the tables with wooden top have a metal base with a satin gold Vintage finish as well.

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